The ProsperityHSA Solution

ProsperityHSA is not another new program from an inexperienced startup. We are a proven game-changer in the industry.

One of the most experienced HSA management solutions in the market

Experience the competitive edge with ProsperityHSA, a ready-to-launch HSA program tailored for your business and commercial customers. 

ProsperityHSA empowers you to provide comprehensive HSA support within your financial wellness benefits program, attract and retain retail deposits, and broaden your reach to the unbanked and underbanked. Fully customizable to your brand, this unique program enables you to offer your solution in your markets directly to your clients.

Our program is crafted specifically for financial institutions, combining stability and expertise from three trusted entities with over forty years of experience in financial services and benefits: DataPath, Accelergent Growth Solutions, and DataPath Financial Services.

Provide extensive support for robust financial wellness benefit programs

Enhance your relationships with business and commercial clients

Access billions of dollars in available assets, from new investments to existing assets

Increase visibility among active retail customers and reach the unbanked and underbanked

What is the ProsperityHSA Solution?

DataPath Financial Services

Non-bank custodian with over 20 years of experience in HSA administration, recordkeeping, and compliance

Role with ProsperityHSA

  • Compliance
  • Tax reporting
  • Account statements
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Investments
  • RIA-developed lifestyle models
DataPath Summit

Powerful, proven white-label HSA administration platform, including debit card, mobile app, and investments

Role with ProsperityHSA

  • System of record
  • Employer portal
  • Consumer portal / mobile app
  • Patented ClaimsVault technology
  • Debit card with IIAS
  • Integrated investments
Accelergent Growth Solutions

Business process outsourcing experts with over 15 years of experience in the benefits, financial services, and insurance industries

Role with ProsperityHSA

  • Account administration
  • Customer service
  • Consumer engagement
  • Marketing to employers
  • Additional employer solutions

Bank or

Financial Institution

Role with ProsperityHSA

  • Sell to your clients
  • Deliver financial wellness
  • Grow deposits
  • Reach the unbanked

ProsperityHSA is your all-in-one solution, providing expertise, training, technology, marketing materials, participant education, and benefits compliance. Contact us today to learn how quickly we can have you up and running.